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Digging Deeper to Satisfy Our Customers

Our Vision

To enhance the lives of our employees, our customers and the community by extending our expertise and providing an excellent service.

Our Values

Personal growth
Life balance

Our Motivators

Our work is performed by the highest ethical standards.
Our relationships are characterized by tolerance, trust and respect.
We believe in team work with our employees, our clients and the community.
We focus on actions that will have a positive impact on our employees, clients and the community.
Innovation, growth and improvement are encouraged and expected.
Professionally is the only way we know how to conduct our business.
Our philosophy is an integrated approach to environmental risk management and health and safety on all our sites.

Our Motto

Digging deeper to satisfy our customers

Our Health and Safety Policy at Jacques Bédard Excavation Ltd.

The management of Jacques Bédard Excavation Ltd. is vitally interested in the health and safety of every employee. Our philosophy is that the well-being of our company depends on the health and safety of our workforce.


To enable us to keep our quality and production at the highest levels, we must ensure that the health and safety of our workers are maintained at all times.


To achieve this goal, we have developed and implemented a health and safety program which is evaluated yearly to ensure that it is as effective as possible.


We work at ensuring the safest possible work environment by requiring and offering ongoing training to all employees, by maintaining effective communication between management and workers, by constantly revising and adapting our program and by leading through actions rather than words.


We continue to strive toward a workplace that demonstrates respect, worth and dignity for all people. Harassment, discrimination and violence will not be tolerated.


We believe it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for all, from the President to the newly hired employee.


Your assistance and support is needed and expected in order to protect the health and safety of our workforce, our clients and our company.


Céline Bédard, Director General

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